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Social Installation _ coming soon 2021 _ 

Collaboration with Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen


Brussel Nord is very dynamic city part of Belgium's capital city. Designed in the 60's , this Utopian vision failed for a lot of people. Today, the Brussel Nord region is known for its occupation by  refugees. For most local citizens, they are a pin in the eye. Yet they have an interesting human story to tell.

Refugees have a bad connotation thankfully for the negative news reports you see on tv. Yet there is more to them. Why focus on differences when there are so much similarities to be looked for.

Babel is an interactive installation of rotomoulded chairs that is meant to let people make an opinion without the negative reports, and look for the human behind the number. They seak out similarities thanks to a joyful and human story that will be told.

Babel is created for the ngo Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen as a set of 5 interactive seats that rise from a symbolic visual and conceptual design. Inspired by several cultural related architectural arches, roots and diversity are emphasized by rotating the profile of those arches into a spinning top chair. The interaction of the spinning symbolizes being an refugee. In the chairs, an interactive sound module tells the story of an refugee in combination with a story of a local citizen, looking for joyful  resemblances.

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