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Recycled design _ 2 weeks 2020 _

collaboration Mirte moriau & Tim Vandenborne

This challenge was to create a small creative work station for ourselves with plywood formed waste shells from the company drissag. In this intensive 2 week journey, we wanted to test the limits of the shells so we could create a chair without any material  other than the waste shells itself only small structural materials can be added.

This process resulted in a lot of try-outs. We broke a lot of chairs to test the limints of the material. This resulted in a chair which has a visual contrast; "it looks fragile, yet it isn’t". Because of the tension in the structure you can see shape reach its structural limits, the chair looks like it’s about to break, yet the opposite is true. This is a very strong chair that you can’t break, even after juming on it.

We wanted to promote dynamic seating. In a working setting people sit too much in the same manner. By switching your seating configuration frequently, you get a much healthier way of seating.

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