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Modular sustainable shelving unit_ 8 weeks 2020

Collaboration Sara Sallam, Manon de Cuyper

& Ruben Wensink


The goal is to show the potential of the new FLAXCO PLA composite material in a design proposal. Our focus lies in the strength of the composite and rigidity. To enforce these benefits we used smart curves in a single sheet to strengthen the material. By that you get a very strong lightweight shelf that is sustainable and natural in looks. This shelf combines the benefits of the material in a design piece.

A modular lightweight shelf. The product is ideally placed in the living room, a place to put on books, plants, exhibited stuff,... In the negative space between the folds in the sheet and the wall can un-exhibited ware can be placed; a balance of private and public ware. One package comes with 3 rails and a set of 2/3/5 shelving units. The unit can be placed in a composition which follows the users needs. 

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