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Turntable _ 7 weeks 2020 _ individual

Bo is a design proposal for a turntable. Bo is intended to be different than other turntables. The objective is to stretch the concept of a turntable, to analyse it and create a new different shape.


Bo sets itself apart by being a very "360°" product in the room. It’s not only interesting to look at the top where the functionality of the product is happening, but it really stands in alone in its suroundings at every angle.


When the light reflects in the aluminium body, it mirrors the atmosphere of the interior where the product is placed. If the light is warm sunlight the product gets a warm look by the manner of light reflection. But place it in a cold room, or a "disco room" the whole appearance changes by the interaction with the light.

exploded view good.png

Article 14.02.2020

Article  13.02.2020

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