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Greenbrand - Cilab en VOMO Mechelen-24.j

Circulair textiles - furniture _ 2021 _ 

Collaboration with Emile Van Opbroeck,

Thijs Smits, together with CiLAB


Klerezooi is a circular statement piece against textile waste. We wanted to create awareness  for textile waste trough a big statement pouf and a commercial little sister pouf. Lots of clothing is intended to reuse but in belgium we still trow away 170.000 ton of textile waste, yearly.


With Klerezooi, we wanted to create a second life for this waste in any state, shreaded, coloured, .... The user can put their textile waste into Klerezooi. By doing this they create a unique story to their pouf. This pouf is made for a circular economy.  The pouf consist of 90% wasted textiles. The raw waste is used without any added proces, no cuttings, no colourings. With this effort we try to minimize textile dump.

There is no transportation of the waste textiles, no selection, no added proces. In this way we can fill up the gap to make the economy for all types of textiles circular again. 

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